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COVID-19 HIV Resources

COVID-19 HIV Resources


  • COVID-19 can spread from activities like kissing and sharing drinks. To lower your risk of contracting COVID-19, limit kissing and other close contact, especially with people outside your household. Call our office for guidance immediately if you believe you have contracted COVID-19.
  • Social distancing is strongly recommended, making it the perfect time to learn about yourself. Masturbation is the safest way to social distance and keep everyone safe. Always wash your hands before and after.
  • Continue taking your daily medications—this is crucial if you have a weakened immune system.
  • Contact our office for free condoms, information, and resources.

Questions? We’re here for you! Call 540.374.3279 for more information on HIV, HIV testing, and support during COVID-19.

Are you living with HIV? You may have questions and concerns about COVID-19 and how best to stay healthy, or perhaps you need to see a doctor who is qualified to treat both HIV and COVID-19. Mary Washington Healthcare is here for you.

Mary Washington Infectious Diseases has five board-certified physicians who specialize in infectious disease treatment: Dr. Awol Ali, Dr. Norman Bernstein, Dr. Lauren Fiske, Dr. Rosemary Iwunze, and Dr. Lalita Chulamokha, as well as nurse practitioner Felicia Hall. They are available for in-person or virtual (telehealth) visits. Please call The Wellness Program at 540.374.3279 to schedule an appointment.

Read more about the physicians and practice here

Virtual visits (or telehealth) are a great way to stay in contact with your medical provider and stay safe at home. Our physicians use telephone and video visits to provide routine medical care to our patients. Some tips to get the most out of your virtual visit:

  • Expect to the visit to take at least 15 to 20 minutes.
  • Find a quiet private place to take your call. Your provider may ask you questions about your sexual health and sexual practices.
  • Ensure your phone or computer is charged so that you and the provider are able to complete the call.

Read more about Virtual Visits on our Medical Group page


FREE At-Home Test Kits

HIV At-Home Test Kit

If you are concerned about leaving your house for an HIV test, the Wellness Program has FREE at-home test kits available for Virginia residents to check their HIV status in just 20 minutes. If you would like to receive a free kit, please email your name and address to the Wellness Program at or call 540.374.3279. A discreetly packaged kit will be mailed directly to you for your convenience.

POZ magazine special COVID-19 issue

We have copies of the July/August issue of POZ magazine available to those who are interested. Email us or give us a call if you'd like a complementary copy: or 540.374.3279.

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