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Medical Weight Loss

Welcome to Mary Washington Weight Loss Center’s Medical Weight Loss program. Our program is a three-month multidisciplinary medical weight loss program. Dr. Halmi, oversees the team comprised of our Physician Assistant, Registered Dietitian, and Behavioral Health Coach/Exercise Physiologist. We teach you successful strategies on how to lose weight and keep it off. These strategies will include education, meal planning, and exercise routines.

The Medical Weight Loss program is one of transformation. It will require courage, strength, persistence, and determination. We believe your past weight loss experiences, both positive and negative, can be utilized for your benefit. Struggles and difficulties will be explored and learned from. Successes and strengths will be used as building blocks for future successes.

You will have the expertise and resources of the Weight Loss Center available to you. Every two weeks you will meet with either the Physician Assistant or the Registered Dietitian. They are dedicated to your success. The entire team at Weight Loss Center team appreciates your confidence in us. We look forward to accompanying you on your journey toward a healthy, energetic, active life.

Program Description:

The Medical Weight Loss program includes seven meetings with our medical professionals:

  • Initial consultation with Denis Halmi, MD
  • Three meetings with the Physician Assistant
  • Three nutritional consultations with the Registered Dietitian

Our program includes:

  • Monthly nutrition classes
  • Weekly support group meetings
  • Body composition analysis at the start and completion of the program
  • Electrocardiogram (EKG)
  • Weight loss medications as appropriate
  • Optional meeting with our Behavioral Health Coach
  • Access to “Get Moving” videos

Your initial evaluation is an opportunity to discuss your personal story, your weight, and goals. Together, we will develop specific lifestyle goals for healthy eating and activity. The Physician Assistant will review your medial history and lab tests, obtain an EKG, and identify obesity-related conditions. The dietitian will review your current diet, any previous weight loss attempts, any food sensitivities allergies, or conditions that effect diet such as diabetes or renal failure. A body composition analysis will also be done. You will meet every two weeks with one of the team members. They will check your progress, modify your eating plan and make suggestions based on your needs.

The Medical Weight Loss program is an individualized structured program. Keeping your appointments is imperative. You will be given an appointment schedule at your 2 week visit with the Registered Dietitian. Please review these appointments carefully. If any changes need to be made, please call the Weight Loss Clinic immediately. Once the program is started, we can not change appointment dates or extend the program.


Your insurance company will be billed when you see the Registered Dietitian and Physician Assistant. You will be responsible for any copay or deductible.

If you do not have Medical Nutritional Therapy benefits,* there is a one-time fee of $255.00. This fee covers the cost of your three visits with the Registered Dietitian. This fee is due at your first appointment with the Registered Dietitian. Please note this is for your appointments with the Registered Dietitian only. It is separate from your visits with the Physician Assistant. A copay will be collected for your appointments with the Physician Assistant.

*We will verify with your insurance company if you have Medical Nutrition Therapy benefits prior to you starting the Medical Weight Loss program. Please note the contract Anthem BC/BS has with Mary Washington Healthcare does not include Medical Nutrition Therapy benefits. Additionally, Medicare does not cover Medical Nutrition Therapy unless there is a diagnosis of Diabetes or End Stage Renal Disease. Fees are not refundable.

Optional service:

Our Behavioral Health Coach/Exercise Physiologist is available to meet with you if you would like additional support. There is not an insurance code associated for visits with the Behavioral Health Coach/Exercise Physiologist. Therefore, the visit cannot be billed to the insurance company. It is considered an out-of-pocket expense. Fee: Initial visit: $100.00, follow up visit: $75.00.

Please note this is an individualized structured 12 week program. You will be given a visit schedule at your initial visit with the registered dietitian. Please review these appointments carefully. If any changes need to be made, please call asap. Due to high demand this is a 12 week only program. Once the program is started, we cannot change the appointments or extend the program.

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