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Children's National

Pediatric Partners with Mary Washington Healthcare

Children's National Health System

To provide the very best practice care delivery and services, Mary Washington Healthcare partners with Children's National Hospital, one of the nation’s top ranked pediatric hospitals. The pediatric and newborn units at Mary Washington and Stafford Hospitals are staffed by physicians from Children's National Hospital.

If your child is sick enough to stay overnight in the hospital, they may be admitted to the Pediatric Unit at Mary Washington Hospital. This 10-bed unit is designed to make children and their families feel secure and comfortable during times of illness or injury. Our experienced pediatric team knows how to deliver the gentle, attentive care that hospitalized children need.

Children’s National pediatric hospitalists, led by medical director Dr. Allison Markowsky, are available on site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at both Mary Washington Hospital and Stafford Hospital. Pediatric hospitalists are board-certified pediatric doctors who provide care for children—ranging from infants to adolescents—who have been hospitalized. They provide care for newborn and pediatric patients as well as consultation support for the emergency department. Community physicians can directly admit patients to the pediatric inpatient unit from their office or through the emergency department. If your child’s condition is critical or needs advanced subspecialty support, the team will help arrange transport to the closest children’s hospital.

Please call MWHC Health Link at 540.741.1404 to learn more about the services we provide or to find a pediatrician.

Support for Children with Type 1 Diabetes

Learning that your child has type 1 diabetes can be a shock. Suddenly, your world may seem to revolve around managing the condition. You may feel overwhelmed and unsure of what you can do to help. With knowledge, practice, and a supportive health care team, however, you can take care of your child without diabetes taking over your lives.

Sound diabetes treatment is based on your child's blood sugar levels. These levels should be tested several times a day. To do this, select a reliable blood glucose meter that’s easy to use. Your child’s health care provider may be able to offer advice on choosing and using one. Your child also needs to receive insulin regularly. That may mean your child will need several shots a day or will wear an external pump round the clock. Learning to give injections or use a pump may seem daunting. With practice and assistance from your child’s healthcare provider, however, you—and eventually your child—can master either technique.

Other important aspects of diabetes care for your child include:

  • A healthy menu
  • Encouraging proper physical activity
  • Watching out for hypoglycemia
  • Carrying an appropriate snack at all types to treat hypoglycemia

Helping a child cope with a chronic illness, such as type 1 diabetes, can be stressful for all family members. Consult with your healthcare provider if your child, your family, or you need additional support managing your child's physical and emotional needs. Kids for a Cure Club is a support group for children with Type 1 Diabetes and their parents. Find more information at

Please call MWHC Health Link at 540.741.1404 to learn more about the services we provide or to find a pediatrician.

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