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Expressive Therapies

At Mary Washington Hospice, we provide expressive therapies to uplift the quality of life for our hospice patients. These innovative approaches harness the power of creativity to address various aspects of health. They can alleviate anxiety, aid in pain management, enhance circulation, and promote relaxation. What's even more remarkable is that music and massage therapy are accessible to all patients and their caregivers at no extra cost.

Music Notes

Harmonious Healing with Music

Music therapy is a powerful tool promoting physical and emotional healing, while enhancing overall quality of life. Music possesses the ability to alleviate anxiety, assist in pain management, and induce a state of relaxation. Moreover, it offers patients a means to reminisce, connect socially, and express themselves.

Foot Therapy

Soothing Touch with Massage

Therapeutic massage is renowned for its natural capacity to alleviate pain, boost circulation, and induce relaxation. The gentle, caring touch of human hands stands as one of the oldest and most effective methods for easing bodily discomfort. Massage therapy establishes a unique connection and helps ease the feelings of isolation and separation often experienced by patients.

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