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Expressive Therapies

Mary Washington Hospice offers expressive therapies for hospice patients. This is a unique approach to enhancing patients' overall quality of life. These creative tools and skills can relieve anxiety, help manage pain, improve circulation, and encourage relaxation. Art, music or massage therapy are available to all patients at no additional cost.

  • Brush

    Art Therapy

    Art therapy uses creative activities like drawing, painting, sculpting, and crafts to help patients along their journey. Art therapy can give patients a healthy sense of control as they process the pain associated with fear, anxiety, and grief.

  • Music Notes

    Music Therapy

    Music therapy is a powerful tool promoting physical and emotional healing, while enhancing overall quality of life. Music can relieve anxiety, help manage pain, and encourage relaxation. It also helps patients find a way to reminisce, socialize, and express themselves.

  • Foot Therapy

    Massage Therapy

    Therapeutic massage is well known for its ability to naturally relieve pain, improve circulation, and encourage relaxation. The simple, careful touch of the human hand is one of the most ancient and effective means for reducing discomfort in the body. Massage Therapy creates a unique connection and helps ease feelings of loneliness and separation that many patients experience.

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