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Cardiac & Pulmonary Education Classes

Classes for Persons With Heart & Lung Disease

2023 classes will be held on Wednesdays or Fridays at noon.
See the class schedule for details.

2023 Class Schedule

Education classes are an integral part of your recovery. Our classes teach you ways to break unhealthy habits and make lasting lifestyle changes. You’ll have opportunities to ask questions. Family members are invited to attend.

All classes will be held virtually on Microsoft Teams. You do not need an account to use Teams. Click this link to join:

You can join on a smartphone, tablet, or computer. A webcam is optional. You will need a microphone to ask questions. If you do not have one, you can still type your questions in the meeting chat. If you are using an iPhone or iPad, you will need to download the Microsoft Teams app, and the link above will automatically open in the app. (You still need to type the link into a browser such as Safari or Chrome.) If you have an Android phone, we recommend downloading the app. The app is free and can be found in your app store.

Please mute your microphone when joining the meeting, and keep it muted unless you are asking a question of the presenter.

Class recordings are available on YouTube. Follow the link below the class title to view.

2022 Class Recordings

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