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Cultural Services

Mary Washington Healthcare is committed to delivering high quality healthcare services in a manner that is respectful and appropriate to an individual's language and culture. This is more than simply a patient's right; it is, in fact, a key factor in the safety and quality of patient care. We at Mary Washington Healthcare want to keep you safe and provide excellent care.

The Cultural Services Program at Mary Washington Healthcare provides professional medical interpreters to patients and their companions who are limited English proficient or who are deaf.

Interpreter services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to all patients and families for appointments, procedures, treatments and hospital stays at NO cost to the patient. This is accomplished by providing comprehensive language access services and resources including: professional face-to-face interpreters, telephonic and video interpreter services and associate interpreters for seamless service.

Please note that, for the duration of COVID-19 activity, most in-person interpreting will be replaced with video and telephone interpreting (CyraCom) to minimize unnecessary exposure to our Associates, patients, and interpreters. Patients who use ASL or who have visual, motor or cognitive impairments will continue to use in-person interpreting, in addition to any patients deemed necessary and appropriate as determined by medical staff.

If you require an interpreter:

  • When scheduling your hospital appointment or service, if not asked, please let us know that you need interpreter services.
  • When you come to the hospital, tell a hospital staff member if you need an interpreter.
  • If your provider feels it is necessary and appropriate for quality patient care, they may request an interpreter on your behalf.

Cultural Services meets the mission of Mary Washington Healthcare by breaking down cultural and language barriers. Our healthcare team respects the unique attributes of our patients and families and we promote quality care that is sensitive to all patients' needs.

For additional information contact Naomie Murdock, Manager of Community Programs at 540.741.1492.

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