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Caring for the Whole Family

Our commitment at Mary Washington Hospice extends to the entire family. We offer support not only to patients but also to their family members, ensuring that everyone can participate at their own comfort level. This approach empowers family members and caregivers, reducing feelings of helplessness.

How will we know when hospice services are needed?

Hospice care becomes relevant when certain signs emerge, such as:

  • Overwhelming fatigue
  • Persistent weight loss
  • Difficulty with daily personal care
  • Challenges with breathing or swallowing
  • Ongoing fluid retention

Starting the Conversation About Hospice Services

Discussing hospice services can be emotionally challenging, especially when patients may have less than six months to live. When considering hospice, the first step is to engage in a conversation with the patient's physician. The physician plays a pivotal role in referring the patient to Mary Washington Hospice, initiating the journey toward the care and support needed.

For more information please call Mary Washington Hospice at 540.741.3580.

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