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Car Seat Safety Check

Your child's care and safety are the most important things on our minds. Car accidents are the leading cause of child fatalities, but you possess the ability to make a life-saving impact.

Before your baby arrives, we urge you to contact a local certified safety seat technician for a free appointment to either install your child's car seat or verify its proper placement. Below, you'll find information about child car seat safety checks offered by the Fredericksburg Police Department. You can access a list of local resources here.

Remember, securing your child in a car seat correctly remains crucial as they grow. The necessity and specifications for car seat use evolve with your child's development. For important insights on car seats and boosters, consult the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Certified safety seat technicians are available to ensure your car seat is properly installed throughout your child's growth.

Free Child Car Seat Safety Checks with Fredericksburg Police Department

No appointment required, and residency in Fredericksburg is not mandatory.

8:00 a.m.–4:00 p.m.
Weekends by appointment only*
2200 Cowan Boulevard
Fredericksburg, VA 22401
Upon arrival to the station, stay in your vehicle and call the Fredericksburg Police Department main line at 540.373.3122.
*To schedule weekend appointments, contact Sgt. Scott Worley at 540.372.4266 or

Please have the following ready for your car seat check:

  • Vehicle your child will ride in
  • Child safety seat
  • Child safety seat manual
  • Car manual (if possible)

Plan for up to 45 minutes with the technician. They'll offer interactive and educational training to boost your confidence in properly securing your child in the vehicle.

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