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Infectious Diseases

Mary Washington Infectious Diseases: Your Partner in Complex Infections

Our mission at Mary Washington Infectious Diseases is to offer specialized consultation to patients in our service area grappling with intricate and challenging infections that often extend beyond the realm of primary care. We are also dedicated practitioners of HIV medicine, with a keen focus on safeguarding the overall health of our patients, particularly those with concurrent conditions that may impact their infection. Our approach is firmly rooted in collaboration with specialists from diverse medical fields. Furthermore, we manage patients requiring outpatient intravenous antibiotic therapy and provide assistance in addressing blood and body fluid exposures in workplace settings.

Understanding Infectious Diseases

Infectious diseases, also known as communicable diseases, kill more people worldwide than any other singular cause. These diseases are caused by germs, which can be found everywhere and can be spread through general and sexual contact, animal bites, and more.

Germs fall into four primary categories:

  • Bacteria: These germs are made up of one cell. They can quickly multiply in number and may also release sickness-inducing chemicals.
  • Viruses: These germs are capsules containing genetic material. They multiply by using your own cells.
  • Fungi: These germs take the form of mushrooms or mildew.
  • Protozoa: These germs are technically one-celled animals that live in other living things and use them for food and shelter.

These types of germs can cause an infectious disease. Certain diseases may be transmitted from an animal to a human or from a human to a human. However, certain diseases are not contagious.

Masking Policy

While mask-wearing is optional at our MWHC facilities, we kindly request that if you experience respiratory symptoms on your appointment day, you consider wearing a mask. This precaution is in place to safeguard your health, protect fellow patients, and ensure the well-being of our staff. Moreover, we welcome up to two support persons or parents to accompany you inside the office, offering the support and assistance you may require during your visit.

Your health is our paramount concern, and we stand ready to provide expert care and guidance as you navigate infectious diseases.

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