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Nutrition Counseling

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Have you had a NUTRITION checkup?

A lot of serious health issues can be prevented or managed by making changes to your lifestyle and diet. Include a nutrition expert, a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN), in your healthcare team to help you achieve your best health.

5 Reasons You're Worth It!
  1. Weight management – Whether you're aiming to lose, gain, or maintain weight, discover how to sift through nutritional information amidst the latest diet trends.
  2. Disease prevention – Embracing positive changes in your diet and lifestyle lets you relish eating while maintaining your health.
  3. Disease treatment – Whether it's heart disease, diabetes, kidney issues, or any other condition, grasp how your food choices can impact your health.
  4. Family planning – Optimize your nutrition before conception, during pregnancy, and post-delivery for the best possible results.
  5. General health and wellness through the lifespan – Whether you want to provide your family with healthy meals but lack cooking skills or you're seeking advice for a vibrant life, learn how food can boost your well-being at every stage of life.

Our Nutrition Squad

Nutrition Squad

    • Stefanie Rekdal
      Stefanie Rekdal
      BS, RD, CDCES, CPT
    • Jody Long
      Jody Long
      MS, RD, CDCES
    • Sarah Whitson
      Sarah Whitson
      BS, RD

    Hear From Our Dietitians

    • Sarah Whitson
      Sarah Whitson, BS, RD
    • Stefanie Rekdal

      Stefanie Rekdal, BS, RD, CDCES, CPT

    • Jody Long

      Jody Long, MS, RD, CDCES

    Featured Resource

    DASH for Your Heart

    DASH diet

    Why Choose a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist?

    Registered Dietitians bring expertise to the table. They hold a university degree from an accredited institution, with over four years of education, followed by extensive supervised practical training. They pass a national board registration exam and continuously update their knowledge throughout their careers. Upholding a professional code of ethics, Dietitians possess a unique skill set to guide individuals at all life stages toward healthier lifestyles.

    What you'll gain:

    • Skills to read food labels, adjust recipes, and make informed choices for meal planning, grocery shopping, and dining out.
    • A personalized and realistic nutrition plan tailored to help you reach your goals.
    • Support and tools from a dedicated professional who motivates and empowers you.

    Don’t settle for less than the best. Your body is with you for a lifetime, so learn to nourish it properly. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and experience the positive changes you can feel.

    Please call us at 540.741.2210 or email with questions or to schedule an appointment. Many insurance plans cover our services. Verify coverage with your insurer. Medicare details below.

    Appointments are available Monday to Friday at Cosner’s Corner and Tuesday and Thursday at Stafford.

    Diabetes and kidney disease nutrition counseling goals include:

    • Lowering average blood sugar levels
    • Improving blood cholesterol levels
    • Easing stress on kidneys
    • Managing body weight
    • Enhancing overall well-being
    • Improving quality of life

    What topics are covered in counseling sessions?

    • Meal and menu planning
    • Navigating dining out
    • Adapting recipes
    • Decoding food labels
    • Distinguishing facts from diet fads
    • Understanding your test results

    What's Covered by Medicare?

    Medicare Part B fully covers Medical Nutrition Therapy for those with diabetes and kidney disease (excluding dialysis). In your first year, you could qualify for three hours of personalized therapy, followed by two hours each year. Book an appointment, and we'll handle the rest – including coordinating necessary lab work and physician orders with your doctor.

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