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Get Ready with Our Planning Checklist

  • Sign up for a Birthing Class
    Reduce your new parent jitters by joining a virtual childbirth education class. We highly recommend our certified childbirth educators' classes available at MWHC. Select "Childbirth & Parenting" from the category dropdown on our events page.

  • Select a Pediatrician
    Reach out to MWHC Health Link at 540.741.1404 to find pediatricians and family doctors who are welcoming new patients. Remember, it's essential to schedule an appointment with your chosen pediatrician before you and your baby can head home. Mary Washington Pediatrics in Fredericksburg and Mary Washington Primary Care and Pediatrics in Ruther Glen are accepting patients.
  • Pre-register online for your hospital stay
  • Ensure Car Seat Safety
    Your child's safety in a vehicle is paramount. Before your baby arrives, connect with a certified safety seat technician to install or confirm the proper placement of your child’s safety seat. Discover local resources and more about this here.
  • Learn about lactation (pre- and post-delivery)
    Get pre- and post-delivery lactation education to set yourself up for successful breastfeeding.
  • Pack your hospital bag
    Wondering what to bring? Personal care items like deodorant and shampoo are a must. Leave behind jewelry, money, and sentimental items. Remember to pack an approved infant car seat and clothes for taking your baby home. Not sure what to include in your bag? We’ve got you covered in this blog post: What should I pack in my bag?
  • Have Payment Ready for Birth Certificate
    Prepare a check or money order for the child's birth certificate, payable to State Health Department. The fee is $12, and please note that cash or credit card payments are not accepted.
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