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Neurodiagnostics Center at Mary Washington Hospital

1001 Sam Perry Boulevard, Suite 411
Fredericksburg, VA 22401

The Neurodiagnostics Center at Mary Washington Hospital provides the latest technology for diagnosing neurological disorders, including epilepsy, pain related to spinal nerves and compression neuropathies such as neuromuscular diseases. It offers the Fredericksburg region the most advanced diagnostic procedures and equipment for patient evaluations.

Neurodiagnostic Testing You Can Trust

With skilled neurologists on staff, the Neurodiagnostics Center offers a full range of services designed to assist area physicians in diagnosing and treating a variety of conditions of the central nervous system (i.e. brain and spinal cord). This includes treatment for sleep disorders, carpal tunnel syndrome, epilepsy, stroke and other neurological conditions.

There are two general types of neurodiagnostic tools used at Mary Washington Hospital. One is medical imaging or scans. The other is electro neurodiagnostic testing, which examines the central and peripheral nervous system to determine if the system is functioning correctly.

Advanced Neurodiagnostic Testing and Evaluation

Combining state-of-the-art digital technology with a seasoned staff, the Neurodiagnostics Center offers a wide range of neurodiagnostic and electroneurodiagnostic testing services. This includes:

  • Routine EEG
  • Sleep Deprived EEG
  • Ambulatory EEG (24-72 hr)
  • Inpatient Epilepsy monitoring. Epilepsy patients are observed through the use of an EEG with simultaneous video monitoring. This is done to document seizure activity over an extended period of time.

How to Schedule an EEG

EEGs can only be obtained with a physician’s order. Your physician will fax a prescription for the EEG and office notes to 540.741.4998. You will be contacted to schedule an appointment once we receive this information.

Patient Preparation Instructions for an EEG

Please review the patient preparation instructions for your EEG prior to your visit.

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