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Obstetrics & Gynecology

Fredericksburg: One support person over the age of 18 may accompany the patient inside due to the size of our waiting room. Please note that no children are permitted unless they are a patient. You may be asked to wait outside the facility or in the hallway if there is limited space in our waiting room.
Stafford: If you're visiting the office for your own appointment, please leave children at home if they have cold or flu symptoms. This measure helps protect not only yourself but also fellow patients and our dedicated staff.
Both offices: While wearing a mask is not mandatory at any of our MWHC facilities, we kindly request that if you are experiencing any respiratory symptoms on the day of your appointment, please consider wearing a mask.

Best of the Burg

Welcome to Mary Washington Obstetrics and Gynecology, where our dedicated team of OB/GYN specialists is committed to your health and wellness at every stage of life. We provide personalized and compassionate gynecological care in a secure, private, and convenient setting.

Our Services

Discover a comprehensive array of women's services, including:

Preventative Health and Wellness: We prioritize your overall health and well-being with tailored preventive care.

Family Planning: Our experts support you in making informed choices about family planning and contraception.

Pregnancy Care: Receive exceptional care throughout your pregnancy journey, ensuring both your health and your baby's.

Minimally Invasive Surgery: When surgery is needed, our skilled specialists offer minimally invasive options for quicker recovery.

Pelvic Pain Management: We address pelvic pain concerns with effective treatments tailored to your needs.

Menopause Support: Navigate the changes of menopause with our expert guidance and support.

Ultrasound Services: Benefit from advanced ultrasound technology including 3-D imaging for accurate diagnostics and monitoring.

At Mary Washington Obstetrics and Gynecology, your health and comfort are our top priorities, and we are here to provide the care you deserve.

Pre-register now at Mary Washington Hospital or Stafford Hospital as a maternity patient.

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OB-GYN Patient History Form

Our Providers

  • Anh Butz
    Anh Butz, MD Obstetrics/GynecologyFredericksburg
    View Profile
  • Marisa Checca, MD
    Marisa Checca, MD Obstetrics/GynecologyFredericksburg
    View Profile
  • TreChelle Carson, MD
    TreChelle Carson, MD Obstetrics/GynecologyStafford
    View Profile
  • Ellen Hammett
    Ellen Hammett, MD Obstetrics/GynecologyFredericksburg
    View Profile
  • Danielle Holmes
    Danielle Holmes, MD Obstetrics/GynecologyFredericksburg
    View Profile
  • Jordan Kuhn
    Jordan Kuhn, MD Obstetrics/GynecologyFredericksburg
    View Profile
  • Tammy Leonard
    Tammy Leonard, MD Obstetrics/GynecologyFredericksburg
    View Profile
  • Alex Letham
    Alex Letham, DO Obstetrics/GynecologyFredericksburg
    View Profile
  • Kurian Thott, MD
    Kurian Thott, MD Obstetrics/GynecologyStafford
    View Profile
  • Cynthia Wilkes
    Cynthia Wilkes, MD Obstetrics/GynecologyFredericksburg
    View Profile
  • Jamie Brantley
    Jamie Brantley, FNP Nurse PractitionerFredericksburg
    View Profile
  • Renna Clark, WHNP-BC
    Renna Clark, WHNP-BC Nurse PractitionerStafford
    View Profile
  • Vickie Kelly
    Vickie Kelly, FNP Nurse PractitionerFredericksburg
    View Profile
  • Brittany Shenk
    Brittany Shenk, PA-C Physician AssistantStafford
    View Profile
  • Gustava T. Zimmer, CNM, AGNP-C
    Gustava T. Zimmer, CNM, AGNP-C Nurse PractitionerFredericksburg
    View Profile
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