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Garden of Angels

Infant Loss Burial Program

At Mary Washington Healthcare, we greatly respect that each woman and family is different and will have different preferences and needs in working through the difficulties of a pregnancy loss. One service option that we offer to women and families is the "Garden of Angels". This is a program that provides free respectful burial for any pregnancy loss or infant death where the death occurs prior to birth - from early miscarriage to late-term still birth.

The burials are held quarterly and followed by an interfaith memorial service performed by a local Pastor and music volunteers. The events often create an opportunity for sharing and fellowship among hurting and healing families who come together to honor their experiences and babies.

The memorial services are optional for families as is the program itself, but many families have found great comfort, solace and sense of respect in having this option to consider.

If you choose to participate in this burial program, please call 540.741.3268 or email

Garden of Angels

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