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Graduate Medical Education

Dear Medical Students,

Stephanie Goldberg, MD
Stephanie Goldberg, MD, FACS
The journey to becoming a physician is a long one, and we know that there are many twists and turns along the way.

Our motto here at Mary Washington Healthcare is “Here for You” and that’s something we want to convey to incoming medical residents as well.

We are here for you, to assist you in becoming the physician you want to be. Maybe you don’t know what specialty you’d like to work in, or you don’t know whether a small-town family practice is right for you. Maybe you like the fast pace of emergency medicine, or know that internal medicine might be your path forward.

Mary Washington Healthcare is in the center of things, located in the Fredericksburg region between Washington, DC, and Richmond, Virginia, with a diverse patient population and a geography that ranges from rural to urban. We see a broad range of people, in terms of age, gender, race, nationality, chronic illness, acute needs and life experiences. There’s a lot to learn and we have the ability to share what we’ve learned with you, as you grow into the type of physician you want to be.

Our customized, small program will be full of growth opportunities. Come ask questions, learn from your mentors and stretch your medical school experience into real-world care for patients. We’re here to help – come join us for a rewarding and robust experience in caring for our community.

Stephanie Goldberg, MD, FACS
Associate Dean for GME, VP & Designated Institutional Official
Graduate Medical Education

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Faculty and Staff

Our faculty and staff serve the mission and the vision of the program, which is to continually be learning and growing in a team environment. We are looking for modern doctors focused on genuinely supporting these concepts:

  • Patient-centered care
  • Learner-centered education

Our faculty know how to blend both of them together in caring for and educating our team, patients and community. They are grounded in good practice, ready to humbly and collaboratively guide their team to growth in both knowledge and compassion.

We are looking for the RIGHT fit, to craft the team we need today, to educate the physicians of tomorrow and care for our community into the future.

Physicians, if you are interested in joining our amazing GME faculty, contact Dr. Stephanie Goldberg or Brandy Stepaniak for more information.

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