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Core Family Medicine Faculty

Lyana Mahmoudi, MD

Director of Cardiology Education

Micaela Iantorno, MD, MSC, RPVI, FAHA

Director of Dermatology Education

Theresa Conologue, DO

Director of Geriatrics Education

Anson Pham, MD

Director of ICU Education

Mohammed Choudhry, MD

Director of Inpatient Pediatrics Education

Allison Markowsky, MD

Director of Musculoskeletal & Rheumatology Education

Rachel Coggins, DO & Maria Darland, MD

Director of NICU Education

Joshua Attridge, MD

Director of Obstetrics & Gynecologic Care Education

Nikola Letham, DO

Director of Outpatient Pediatrics Education

Rhonda Savaria, MD, FAAP

Director of Psychiatry/Behavioral Health Education

Allison Foroobar, MD

Director of Radiology Education

Stacy Moulton, MD

Director of Rheumatology Education

Maria Darland, MD

Director of Surgical Subspecialty ENT Education

Stephen Bakos, MD

Director of Surgical Subspecialty Ophthalmology Education

Diemngoc Dang, MD

Director of Surgical Subspecialty Urology Education

Daniel Hoffman, MD

Director of Surgery Education

Bradford King, MD, FACS

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