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Packing Your Hospital Go Bag

Packing Your Hospital Go Bag

When it's time to prep your hospital bag, it means you've reached an exciting milestone! But many moms also feel overwhelmed, especially if they’ve never had an overnight hospital stay before. We reached out to moms who delivered at our hospitals and asked them what their must-haves were, and what they wish they’d had. They sure delivered (pun intended)!

Mary Washington Hospital and Stafford Hospital both provide certain items for both mom, like sanitary items for postpartum, and baby, like diapers, wipes, and nasal aspirators. They also provide blankets and hats for baby during your stay.

To help you prepare for your labor and delivery experience, we’ve put together a packing checklist. Thank you for allowing Mary Washington Healthcare’s Family Birth Place to be a part of this exciting time in your life!

For mom:

  • Travel toiletries
    Pro tip: Dry shampoo can be helpful, and don’t forget to pack lip balm!
  • Robe or comfortable pajamas
    Pro tip: Many moms suggest dark colors, as lighter colors like grey show spit up and other bodily fluids.
  • Grippy socks
    Pro tip: The hospital provides these and we recommend you do not bring slippers, as they can be a fall hazard. Some moms prefer to purchase their own grip socks for comfort.
  • Phone charger, cell phone, e-reader, iPad, etc.
    Pro tip: Many moms suggest bringing an extra-long charging cable, since outlets can be farther away from the hospital bed.
  • Going home outfit
    Pro tip: Keep in mind your body may still look about 6 months pregnant, so plan for a stretchy, comfortable outfit. Your feet may be swollen from fluid and/or medications, so comfy shoes or sandals are a must. Many C-section mamas suggest clothing that does not touch your incision. Pro tip from C-section/NICU mom Sarah Elizabeth: ask for a compression wrap if they forget to give you one.
  • Anything else that makes you feel comfortable
    Pro tip: Many moms suggest a sound machine or ear plugs, their own pillow or small blanket, a breastfeeding pillow, etc. For moms who deliver via c-section, a belly band can help support your incision. One mom suggests bringing adult Depends underwear, as she found them more comfortable than what was provided. Mom Miki Holliday brought her weighted blanket to help her feel calmer.

For dad / support partner:

  • Change of clothes and pajamas
  • Our rooms have a fold-out couch for comfort, and we will provide pillows and blankets for your support person
  • Cell phone, charger, camera, etc.
  • Snacks
    Pro tip: Your support person can order guest trays from Food and Nutrition, and we have vending machines available at all times, but many families recommend bringing your own favorite snacks!

For baby:

  • Going home outfit
    Pro tip: bring various sizes, as you never know what size your little one may be!
  • Properly installed car seat
    Pro tip: check out our car seat safety page to find your nearest police department, who can check that your car seat is properly installed prior to your delivery.
  • Swaddle blanket
    Pro tip: these are provided during your stay but can be nice to have on discharge day.
  • Feel free to bring your own diapers or wipes, but remember they are provided in the hospital
  • Anything else that you’d like to have for photos, sleeping, breastfeeding, etc.
    Pro tip: Many moms suggest a night light, so you don’t have to turn on the overhead lights for nighttime feedings!