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Paperless Billing FAQ

Question: Why is Mary Washington Healthcare going paperless for MyChart users?

Answer: At Mary Washington Healthcare, we are committed to environmental sustainability while also reducing the expenses associated with the cost of healthcare. Not only is sending paper bills a financial burden, but it also comes at a cost to the environment: making paper requires cutting down trees and pollutes the water and air. Over 32 percent of our patients make payments via MyChart and more than 60 percent already communicate with us via MyChart.

Question: Who will be defaulted into paperless statements?

Answer: Those guarantors who have an active MyChart account and have not explicitly declined paperless statements.

Question: Can I enroll in paperless statements if I don’t have an account balance?

Answer: Yes. Access MyChart Menu > Billing Summary > select the paperless billing image (pictured below) to sign up for paperless statements.

Question: If I don’t have an active MyChart account, will I be defaulted into paperless statements?

Answer: No. Only active MyChart users will be enrolled.

Question: Can I sign up for paperless statements if I don’t have MyChart?

Answer: No. Paperless statements are generated via MyChart. Sign up for an account today at

Question: How can I learn more about MyChart?

Answer: Learn more about MyChart on our website. Click the MyChart link in the top menu on desktop, or the top menu item on the mobile menu.

Question: Who can I call with questions?

Answer: Call 540.741.1041 and hold for a representative. They can walk you through making changes to your communication preferences.

Question: How will I know when a paperless statement is sent?

Answer: You will receive a text and/or email notification when a statement is ready to be viewed.

Question: Can I view past statements?

Answer: Yes. You can view your last statement. Within MyChart, select Billing Summary, then select View last statement. Older statements can be viewed by clicking the View balance details link and then selecting the Communications tab.

Question: Can I reenroll in paper statements?

Answer: Yes. After your account has been switched to paperless, just go to MyChart and select Billing Summary from the menu. Click the blue link that says "cancel paperless billing" then click the Receive paper statements button.

Question: Can I automatically be defaulted back to paper?

Answer: Yes. If the statements are not viewed for two consecutive months and no payment is received, you will be defaulted back to paper statements.

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