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Pre-Admission Testing


Before your surgery, you will complete a pre-operative phone interview which includes a review of your home medications, allergies, and your health history.

  • Register for your procedure by calling 540.741.2000. During registration, a phone interview will be scheduled with Pre-Admission Testing (PAT). During the interview, information will be obtained related to your health history. If you need an interpreter, please let the registrar know so we may plan for your needs.
  • Once you have phone registered you will need to come into PAT to bring in your preoperative paperwork and complete your preoperative test. Your physician should tell you before you leave the office what test will be needed. You need to complete your preoperative test at least 7 days prior to your procedure but no less than 3 days before. This is needed to get your results back and for anesthesia to review your chart.
  • In some instances, you may need to schedule a pre-op appointment with the nurse practitioner in PAT. This appointment may be necessary to complete additional testing such as labs, EKG and/or x-ray prior to your procedure. Your surgeon will let you know if you need to have a preoperative appointment with the nurse practitioner.

What We Offer

  • Cardiovascular and open-heart procedures (Mary Washington Hospital only)
  • Ear, nose and throat surgery
  • Endoscopy
  • General surgery
  • Gynecologic surgery
  • Neurosurgery (Mary Washington Hospital only)
  • Ophthalmology procedures
  • Orthopedic procedures, including joint replacement
  • Podiatry procedures
  • Reconstructive and plastic surgery
  • Robotics
  • Thoracic surgery (Mary Washington Hospital only)
  • Urological procedures

Patient Forms

(Please download the form to print, complete and bring with you.)


The staff and physicians at MWH are very accustomed to working with babies and children as surgical patients and hold pediatric certifications in advanced life support and nursing.


Before you go home, we will discuss your post-op instructions with you and your family and check in with you by phone to make sure your recovery goes smoothly. You will not be allowed to drive up to 24 hours after your procedure. Therefore, you MUST have someone drive you home after your procedure.

Our Staff

Everyone from our front office staff to our nurses, physicians, nurse practitioners, anesthesiologists, and volunteers work as a team to develop customized care plans for each patient, with the flexibility to work around busy schedules. Our surgical teams have experienced registered nurses (RNs) and certified CSR staff. Many of our RNs have backgrounds in critical care or emergency nursing.

Address & Map

Mary Washington Hospital Campus Map

Stafford Hospital Campus Map

Our directory will help you locate facilities in and around Mary Washington Hospital.

PreAdmission Testing, a department of Mary Washington Hospital
1101 Sam Perry Boulevard (Tompkins-Martin Medical Plaza), Suite 203
Fredericksburg, VA 22401
Phone: 540.741.4669
Office Hours: Monday–Friday 7:30 a.m.–4:00 p.m.
Centralized Scheduling Phone: 540.741.2000

PreAdmission Testing at Stafford Hospital
Phone: 540.741.9003
Office hours: Monday–Friday, 8:00 a.m.–5:30 p.m.


You may park in the lots in front of Mary Washington Hospital or the Tompkins-Martin Medical Plaza adjacent to the hospital. Handicapped parking is available at all entrances.

Visitor Information

Click here for visitor information for Mary Washington Hospital.

Click here for visitor information for Stafford Hospital.


Where do I go the morning of procedure?

Report to the Patient Access department in the lobby of Mary Washington Hospital which is located just inside the front doors on the left.

Where do I park?

You may park in the lots in front of Mary Washington Hospital or the Tompkins-Martin Medical Plaza adjacent to the hospital. Handicapped parking is available at all entrances.

What do I bring with me the day of my procedure?

When arriving for your procedure, please bring insurance cards, identification and a list of current medications. Please leave valuables home (i.e. wallet, credit cards, cash, medication bottles, computers). Please plan to leave your cell phone with family/loved one while you are having the procedure. Same Day Surgery and Endoscopy are not responsible for your valuables. For patients staying overnight, please leave your suitcase/overnight bag in the vehicle, as rooms are not assigned until after surgery.

May I wear nail polish?

We request that you do not wear colored nail polish. The nurses and doctors use an oxygen monitor that clips on your finger and it has difficulty sensing through nail polish. We also ask that you do not wear makeup the day of the procedure.

Do I bring my medication bottles with me?

No, please leave your medication bottles at home. Bring a current list of medications only.

May I take a shower the morning of procedure?

Yes. Please do not shave the day before and the morning of surgery. If you have been instructed to use an antibacterial soap prior to your procedure, please follow the instructions you were given.

May I wear jewelry?

No. Please leave all jewelry at home. This includes wedding bands and body piercings.

May I wear my contacts?

No. Please do not wear contacts. Please bring eyeglasses and case. If you do not have glasses and only contacts, please bring your container for the contacts as you cannot wear them during your procedure.

Why do I have to come so early?

The time prior to your procedure is used for the anesthesiologists to complete evaluations to ensure proper administration of anesthesia for the type of procedure, in addition to nursing staff starting intravenous or administer antibiotics (if ordered). It also allows Patient Access time to complete the check-in process as well as answer any last-minute questions or concerns.

What are the hours for the Pre-Admission Testing Department and where are they located?

Pre-Admission Testing Department (PAT) is located at 1101 Sam Perry Blvd Fredericksburg, Virginia in the Tompkins-Martin Medical Plaza, Suite 203. Office hours are Monday – Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Most patients do not need to make an appointment to come into PAT; however, in some instances, the patient may have been instructed to make an appointment to see the nurse practitioner in PAT. The PAT phone number is 540.741.4669.

Questions to discuss with your Surgeon/Proceduralist:

  1. May I eat the day of my procedure? When do I stop eating and drinking for my procedure?
  2. What medications should I take the morning of my procedure?
  3. What medications should I stop before my procedure and when should I stop them?
  4. Can I take my own medications in the hospital?
  5. Is there a prep for my procedure?

Post-Surgery Information

After your surgery, you may experience some complications. Click here for helpful information to deal with deep vein thrombosis, dehydration, surgical site infections, and postoperative nausea and vomiting.

Post-Surgery Survey

You may be selected to complete a survey; we encourage you to tell us about your experience. If you receive a survey, please complete it and return to us in the accompanying envelope.

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