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BEFAST, Know the Signs, and Reduce Your Risk of Stroke

BEFAST, Know the Signs, and Reduce Your Risk of Stroke

Listen to our latest #insideMWHC podcast episode on stroke.

The Mary Washington Healthcare Stroke Awareness program aims to increase community awareness about stroke. Despite progress in stroke prevention and improvements in medical care, stroke remains the fifth leading cause of death and the major cause of long-term disability in adults in the United States. A stroke is a medical emergency. Recognizing stroke and getting the right treatment quickly can save lives and lead to improved outcomes. In this presentation, we define stroke, review the time-sensitive treatments for stroke and discuss how you can be "stroke smart" by learning the three R’s” of stroke: reduce risk, recognize symptoms with BE-FAST, and respond immediately by calling 9-1-1!

This education is brought to you by Susan Halpin, MSN, RN, SCRN, Mary Washington Hospital Stroke Program Coordinator; Christina Rauch, EMT-P, Mary Washington Healthcare EMS Coordinator; and Bert Seitzinger, stroke survivor and MWH volunteer.

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