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What Accreditation Means to MWHC Urgent Care

What Accreditation Means to MWHC Urgent Care

In September 2020, both Mary Washington Healthcare Urgent Care locations received accreditation from the Urgent Care Association, the highest honor achievable to an urgent care center.

While becoming an accredited urgent care center was not required, we felt it was important to pursue, specifically for one reason: we felt it was our duty to provide our community with evidence they can expect nothing but the highest quality of care from us at every encounter.

Our core values require us to consistently deliver the best possible care to our community in a compassionate and understanding manner. Accreditation is confirmation that we meet these core values.

The Process

The accreditation process involves an independent organization (the Urgent Care Association) evaluating our policies and practices to ensure they meet national standards.

Major areas of evaluation include:

  • Scope of care
  • Professional qualifications of the staff
  • Clinical policies
  • Quality assurance

It’s important to understand that the evaluation is extremely in-depth and leaves no stone unturned. Accreditation has always been a goal of ours and we designed our centers to meet these standards from day one. Even with that in mind, we are constantly looking for areas to better. Our journey to perfection is never-ending and we are constantly raising the bar and the standards to which we hold ourselves.

As a patient, you should anticipate that your expectations will be exceeded during every visit with us. We expect nothing less from ourselves, and we expect nothing but the best for our community. Becoming an accredited urgent care center is a major achievement, one that we celebrated, spent time reflecting upon, and then got right back to work. We promise to uphold the standards set by our achieved accreditation, but we can assure you we are already moving to raise that bar again. We take pride in our goal to exceed the standards set by the Urgent Care Association, and we look forward to continuing to serve our community as a fully accredited urgent care center.