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Virtual Nursing at Stafford Hospital


What is a virtual nurse?

Virtual nurses are Registered Nurses, employed by Mary Washington Healthcare, who work from a command center located at Stafford Hospital. The nurses work with the bedside care team to provide patient care in a virtual environment.

Does a virtual nurse replace my bedside nurse?

A virtual nurse will not replace your bedside care team. The virtual nurse will work with your bedside nurse, physicians, and other care team members to provide excellent care to you during your stay. Your bedside care team will provide all your physical care during your stay.

virtual nursing

Why is Stafford Hospital implementing a virtual nursing program?

Virtual nursing is an innovative care model that allows us flexibility while simultaneously enhancing quality and experience for patients while providing additional support for bedside caregivers. Mary Washington Healthcare is dedicated to using technology to ensure that our healthcare professionals can offer the latest and most advanced care.

What will my virtual nurse do during my stay?

Your virtual nurse will assist your bedside care team with various care tasks. They may help with your admission, medication review, answer questions, provide education, and assist with your discharge process.

How does Mary Washington Healthcare protect my privacy?

Virtual nurses will announce their ‘presence’ before joining a room. They will not log into your room or turn on your camera or microphone without your knowledge. No part of the interaction between virtual nurse and patient is ever recorded or electronically saved in any way.

How will I communicate with the virtual nurse?

Your virtual nurse will communicate with you through the monitor on your wall. They will be able to see and hear you via a camera, and you will be able to see and hear them on the screen.

Can the virtual nurse speak with my family members if they are not present?

The virtual nurse has the ability to video conference call your family members, at your request, to discuss your care plan and answer questions.

Does using a virtual nurse during my stay cost me more?

No, virtual nurses are a part of your hospital care team during your admission, just like bedside nurses, doctors, phlebotomists, lab techs, etc. We will bill your insurance for our services just like any other hospital admission.

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