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Perks of Having a Running Partner

Perks of Having a Running Partner

Gearing up for the Spring Fever 5K

Long-distance running is something that doesn’t come easy to most of us. That’s why having a buddy to hit the trails with can be a big help. Here are four reasons you might want to find a running partner.

  1. Distraction. When running with a partner you can let the conversation flow and the miles fly by. Much like listening to a podcast, carrying a conversation with a fellow runner, helps you keep a successful pace while distracting you from the exertion.
  2. Accountability. It can be a challenge to keep up your running habits if it’s not something you’re actively looking forward to. Making a plan with a running friend makes it a little bit harder to bail on your run. You can encourage each other when you each, undoubtedly, have a day where you’d rather hang out at home.
  3. Safety. We’ve all heard the saying there’s safety in numbers. Having a friend present is handy if someone needs medical attention or help mid-run.
  4. Improvement. Picking a running partner with different strengths can improve your performance as a runner.

Register for the Spring Fever 5K happening April 15 at Stafford Hospital here.

Special thanks to our Sunshine Title Sponsor of this year's Spring Fever 5K, Transurban operator of the 495, 95, and 395 VA Express Lanes. Additional thanks to Tour Stafford Virginia, Stafford Race Series and the Fredericksburg Area Running Club.

Spring Fever 5K