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Cold Weather Safety Tips

Cold Weather Safety Tips

Some cold weather safety tips from Mary Washington Healthcare's Director of Safety and Preparedness, Andy Holden:

Personal Protection

  • Know the weather forecast so you can dress correctly for wind, cold or snow and ice. Add layers for cold. Stay dry.
  • Have extra coats, gloves, a blanket or at least towels in your car. If you get unexpectedly stranded, these would make a big difference.
  • Do you know who you can call if you’re stranded besides 911?
  • This weather may depress your immune system; wash your hands to help prevent getting the flu.

Fire Safety

  • Make sure clothes, dust, and kids' toys are away from heaters.
  • If you use temporary electric heaters, use only heavy-duty extension cords.
  • Don’t leave portable heaters on when no one is home.
  • Never burn charcoal indoors

Plumbing Safety

  • Whether you rent or own where you live, outside wall pipes can freeze in this severe cold. This can lead to flooded possessions and expensive repairs when it warms up.
  • When no pets or kids are around, consider leaving kitchen and bathroom cabinets open.
  • In the worst cold, you may have to leave a faucet slowly dripping to prevent freezing.

Pet Safety

  • Don’t leave your cat or dogs outside too long. Know their limits, shorten walks for them and you.
  • If you feed wild birds, they are burning more calories too, so keep the feeder full.