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Prepare Your Home for Inclement Weather

Prepare Your Home for Inclement Weather

As the winter chill sets, you may be dreaming of spring sunshine, blue skies, and blooming flowers. But if you are a home health patient, you should also be thinking about floor surfaces, walkways, and medications!

Make one of your 2024 resolutions to prepare and protect yourself and your home from inclement winter weather. Follow these steps to make sure you and your home are safe:

Look around your home:

  • Are your hallways and walkways clear of items?
  • Are rugs taped down or do they have non-slip backing?
  • Are the stairs free of clutter?
  • Can you easily get in and out of your tub or shower?
  • Do you have grab bars installed in your bathroom?

Think about yourself:

  • Are your medications easily accessible? Be sure to refill medications promptly, so you don’t run out in the event of bad weather conditions.
  • Do you wear sturdy shoes or non-skid socks at home?
  • Has your vision been evaluated?
  • Do you use your assistive devices as prescribed?

What is your emergency plan?

  • Know what you will do if you lose power. Do you have a backup power source for any medical devices you may need?
  • Do you have enough medications if you can’t make it to the pharmacy for a few days?
  • Do you have enough supplies such as food, water, batteries, etc., if there is a weather emergency?

The key to emergency preparedness is good planning. Check out our other safety tips here and make sure you are prepared for anything this season.