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Rehabilitation Services of Stafford

About This Location

a department of Stafford Hospital

Physical therapy services at Stafford include:

  • Rehabilitation for general orthopedic conditions
  • Post-surgical rehab (hip & knee replacement, spinal surgeries, fracture, limb loss etc.)
  • Pelvic floor therapy

Speech Therapy services at Stafford include:

  • Rehabilitation for speech and language/Comprehension Disorders
  • Rehabilitation for swallow and voice disorders
  • Cognitive Linguistic conditions Rehab
  • Oncology Rehab
  • Outpatient Modified Barium Swallow Study (MBSS)

At Stafford, we also offer specialty a Pelvic Rehabilitation Program for adult and pediatric patients with abdominal and pelvic muscle dysfunction and pain. Addressing these sensitive issues often means a better quality of life for patients, encouraging the confidence needed to optimally function at home and school. Adding a pediatric component to our current pelvic floor physical therapy program is undoubtedly an asset to Mary Washington Healthcare and our community.

Pelvic floor therapy services at Stafford include:

  • Women’s health rehab (post-partum pelvic floor muscle dysfunction, bowel and bladder incontinence, neurogenic bladder, constipation, voiding difficulties, pelvic pain etc.)
  • Men’s health rehab (bowel and bladder incontinence, post prostate cancer muscle dysfunction, voiding difficulties, pelvic pain etc.)
  • Pediatric pelvic rehab (bedwetting, overactive bladder, urge incontinence, voiding postponement, underactive bladder, dysfunctional voiding, bladder outlet obstruction, stress incontinence, bladder dysfunction, constipation)

Our lead Physical Therapist holds a Women’s Health Board Certification through American Association of Physical Therapy and all PT associates have received advanced clinical competence training in Pelvic floor rehab.