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Emergency Department at Lee’s Hill

About This Location

a department of Mary Washington Hospital

This full-service emergency department is open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, and is staffed with board-certified emergency physicians and emergency-trained nurses. The ED is capable of handling all emergencies, with comprehensive imaging and lab on-site.

For emergencies, call 911

Please note: COVID-19 tests at Mary Washington Healthcare emergency departments require an office visit. You do not need to have symptoms to be eligible for a test, but our clinicians need to perform an assessment for each patient before testing. If you are in need of a rapid test for travel or other purposes, please check here for a testing location near you.

Lee's Hill Medical Plaza

  • Emergency Department at Lee's Hill - Full-Service, 24/7
  • Mary Washington Medical Laboratory
  • Mary Washington Wound Healing Center
  • Medical Imaging at Lee's Hill

Emergency Department at Lee’s Hill


  • Open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, including holidays
  • A full-service emergency department, not an urgent care center
  • Capable of treating all emergencies as well as common illnesses and injuries
  • Includes an ambulance bay so patients can be brought in by rescue squads
  • Backed by the full range of acute care services at Mary Washington Hospital
  • Includes 24-hour, on-site imaging and lab services
  • Patients who need inpatient care will be transferred to Mary Washington Hospital at no charge
  • Patient treatment becomes part of the medical record available at all Mary Washington Healthcare facilities, including Mary Washington Hospital and Stafford Hospital

We are an official “safe haven” for newborns

The Emergency Department at Lee’s Hill is an official Safe Haven site, where any parent has the option to relinquish the care of a child they choose not to keep.

SANE - Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner

If you are a victim of a crime, our first priority at Mary Washington Healthcare is making sure you receive the immediate healthcare services and emotional support you need. You may also receive services from a separate team of specially-trained forensic nurse examiners (FNE) to ensure important evidence is collected. The use of forensic nurse examiners provides high quality medical and forensic documentation and evidence collection which may lead to a more positive criminal justice outcome.

Our forensic nurse examiners have specialized training and certifications. The SANE designation indicates Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner. They are prepared to work with all types of victims including:

  • Sexual assaults (pediatric, adolescent, and adult)
  • Domestic violence/abuse
  • Sexual abuse
  • Elder neglect/abuse
  • Child neglect/abuse
  • Physical assault
  • Traumatic injuries (gun shot wound, stabbings, etc.)
  • Exploitation/human trafficking

Our forensic nurses provide services at Mary Washington Hospital, Stafford Hospital, the Emergency Department at Lee’s Hill, and Safe Harbor Child Advocacy Center. To support you, our forensic nurse examiners are active participants with multiple local counties and jurisdictions as part of their multidisciplinary teams. They often collaborate with military and government agencies as well. In addition to collecting evidence that may be used as part of a criminal investigation, the FNE may be called upon to deliver expert testimony during criminal trials.

Learn more about forensic nursing at Mary Washington Healthcare