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Moving Forward

Welcome to Mary Washington Weight Loss Center’s Moving Forward program, a three-month multidisciplinary medical weight loss program. The team is comprised of the Weight Loss Center’s Medical Director, registered dietitian, and behavioral health coach/ exercise physiologist. The Moving Forward team will teach you successful strategies on how to lose weight and keep it off. These strategies will include education, meal planning, exercise routines, and behavior modification.

Moving Forward is a program of transformation. It will require courage, strength, persistence, and determination. We believe your past weight loss experiences, both positive and negative, can be utilized for your benefit. Struggles and difficulties will be explored and learned from. Successes and strengths will be used as building blocks for future successes.

You will not be alone Moving Forward. Every two weeks you will meet with a member of the Moving Forward team. We are dedicated to your success and are delighted to accompany you on your journey. The Moving Forward team appreciates your confidence in us. Please be assured we have confidence in you and will help you develop confidence in yourself as you Moving Forward to a healthy, energetic, active life.

Mary Washington Weight Loss Center is committed to helping our patients transform their lives through education and behavioral modification. Our Moving Forward Medical Weight Management Program is a three-month program that is supervised by medical professionals who specialize in weight loss for individuals who need additional support and expertise to reach their goals.

Program Description:

The Moving Forward program includes eleven meetings with our medical professionals:

  • Initial consultation with the physician
  • Four meetings with the physician assistant
  • Three nutritional consultations with the registered dietitian
  • Three behavioral health/exercise consultations

Our program includes:

  • Monthly nutrition classes
  • Weekly support group meetings
  • Follow-up visits every two weeks
  • Body composition analysis
  • Electrocardiogram (EKG)
  • Optional meal replacements (additional fee)
  • Medications to help with weight loss

Your initial evaluation with our team is an opportunity to discuss your personal story, your weight, and goals. Together, we will develop specific lifestyle goals for healthy eating and activity. The physician assistant will review your medial history and lab tests, obtain an EKG, and identify obesity-related conditions. The dietitian will complete a thorough review of your current diet, any previous weight loss attempts, any food sensitivities or allergies, and conditions that affect diet such as diabetes or renal failure.

The behavioral specialist/exercise physiologist will help you identify and manage specific triggers, coping mechanisms, and psychological reasons behind lifestyle choices. She will also create a personalized activity plan for you. This synergistic approach to weight loss will capitalize on your strengths and empower you to succeed. Call us today at 540.741.2955 to get started or to learn more.

Program Fees

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