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Cigna Contract Termination Notification

Cigna Contract Termination Notification

The contract between Cigna and Mary Washington Healthcare and the Mary Washington Health Alliance ended as of May 30, 2021. That means that Mary Washington Healthcare (all facilities*) and Mary Washington Health Alliance (all providers) are now out-of-network for any patients with a Cigna health insurance plan.

While we tried to negotiate a new contract in good faith, Cigna asked MWHC and the Alliance to accept additional reductions in payment for the services we provide. Until such time that Cigna offers MWHC and the Alliance a fair contract, we will remain out-of-network for Cigna covered patients.

Cigna insured patients can seek emergency care at any emergency location. For emergencies, Cigna (and any insurance plan) is required to pay for their members’ care as “in-network” regardless of where the care is received. However, Cigna would consider non-emergency care provided by MWHC or the Alliance providers as out-of-network.

MWHC is committed to providing excellent care regardless of your insurance coverage or ability to pay. If you choose to use a MWHC facility or Alliance provider, you will be out-of-network with Cigna.

We recommend you contact Cigna directly to understand your insurance plan including in-network and out-of-network benefits, and any additional costs for which you would be responsible when using an out-of-network facility or provider. If you are in an active treatment plan with MWHC or an Alliance provider, you can request transition of care or continuity of care coverage from Cigna.

Please visit Cigna’s website or call the number on your card to learn about your healthcare options.

*Note, Snowden at Fredericksburg continues to participate with Cigna through a behavioral health contract separate from the contract that expired May 30, 2021.

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