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Star Thrower Award

Star Thrower Award

During your visit to one of our hospitals, if you noticed any Patient Support Associate who raised the bar of excellence by making a difference for you and your family, this is an opportunity to recognize them.

The professionals who are eligible for this award include all Patient Support Associates, including but not limited to:

Cardiac Testing, EKG, Echo

Chaplain Services

Certified Nursing Assistants

Environmental Services (Housekeeping)


Food Services to include the Cafeteria

Coffee Shop

Gift Shop



Physician/Physician Assistant

Radiology/Imaging (CT, Mammography, MRI, Nuclear Medicine, Ultrasound and X-ray)

Rehab: Physical Therapy/Speech Therapy/ Occupational Therapy

Respiratory Therapy

Sleep Lab and EEG

Social Services

Supply Chain



Mary Washington Hospital

Stafford Hospital

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