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Could your child or adolescent have mental health issues?

Children's behavior can be erratic at times. But it's important to know the difference between understandable behavioral changes and more serious problems. Read more about mental health in children and adolescents.

Does your child or adolescent have ADHD?

Chronic inattention and hyperactive-impulsive behavior may be manifestations of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Most children exhibit some symptoms at times — as young as age 2 or 3. Read more about ADHD in children.

How Snowden Can Help Your Child

At Snowden, we are here to help your child and family successfully meet life's challenges.

Our team of highly-trained, qualified and licensed professionals provides a wide range of expert counseling and mental health services. Your child's treatment will include an initial assessment, development of a treatment plan, and evaluation of past treatment experiences. With psychiatric oversight, we use therapy techniques when appropriate and evidence-based treatments.

We provide inpatient services for children and adolescents, as well as adults. In addition, we offer outpatient programs for adolescents and adults.

Our Adolescent Partial Hospitalization Program serves children ages 13 through 17. Adolescents appropriate for this program may be having significant difficulty managing complex relationships with others.

We help teenagers who may be feeling isolated or overwhelmed with new responsibilities. Adolescents that we treat may be having significant difficulty managing feelings in a healthy, non-destructive way.

Our program operates five days per week, six hours daily. We offer individual and family therapy services. The focus is to provide stabilizing interventions and appropriate referral to address multi-faceted treatment issues.

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Snowden at Fredericksburg
540.741.3900 or toll-free 800.362.5005
1200 Sam Perry Boulevard
Fredericksburg, VA 22401

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