Mary Washington Healthcare Medical Laboratories

We perform outpatient diagnostic testing for infants, children and adults. Our services are primarily on a walk in basis at numerous patient service centers throughout the region. Specific tests, including timed studies, should be scheduled by calling Client Services at 540.741.3415 for the patient’s convenience and to receive appropriate instructions.

As part of Mary Washington Healthcare, use of our outpatient laboratory services provides continuity of care between emergency, inpatient and outpatient testing events. With four testing facilities in our own community the turn around time for results is outstanding and allows us to perform STAT (medically urgent) testing.

  • Full service medical laboratory 
  • Highly trained phlebotomists dedicated to the patients needs and comfort
  • Prompt and efficient; excellent customer service
  • Convenient locations throughout the area; varied days and times
  • Rapid turn around time
  • Locally owned & operated; supporting employment in our community
  • World renowned reference laboratory, part of the Mayo Medical Clinic
  • Board certified pathologists, professional medical technologists
  • Accept all laboratory order forms
  • Accept most major insurance carriers

What to expect:

  • Sign in at front desk and present physician supplied test order  
  • Present insurance cards and identification at every visit to assure billing accuracy 
  • You will be asked about food and drink consumption if the test(s) ordered require fasting to obtain accurate results, please follow your physician’s instructions 
  • Laboratory orders are valid for 90 days until otherwise noted 
  • Standing Orders (orders for the same test repeated at specific intervals of time) are valid for 12 months, please contact your physician prior to expiration

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