College Student Volunteer Program

What is the Mary Washington Healthcare College Student Volunteer Program?

The College Student Volunteer Program is a newly adopted program at Mary Washington Healthcare, developed in 2010. Each semester the program selects highly qualified students from the Fredericksburg community to become members. Once a member, students will have the opportunity to volunteer at the system hospitals. Through the program students will gain valuable skill sets and knowledge, be able to log volunteer hours, and give back to the community.

The purpose and mission of the College Student Volunteer Program

Purpose: The purpose of this program is to connect college students from the Fredericksburg community to the hospitals of Mary Washington Healthcare with the goal of closing the current gap in volunteer coverage while providing rewarding and engaging opportunities for qualified area students. 

Mission: The mission of the program is to increase community connections, foster new ideas and work to move the health system forward while continuing to uphold the commitment to high-quality patient care Mary Washington Healthcare has become known for.

About Mary Washington Healthcare

Mary Washington Healthcare originated more than 100 years ago in Fredericksburg, Virginia. It began as an eight-room hospital and has evolved into the premier hospital system for the region. It is comprised of two hospitals and 28 healthcare facilities and wellness services spread across the Fredericksburg region. Mary Washington Healthcare exists to improve the health status of all people in the surrounding community regardless of their ability to pay. As a not-for-profit corporation it is able to invest its profits back into the organization, providing for continuous improvement in the scope and quality of care provided.

Mary Washington Hospital is the cornerstone of Mary Washington Healthcare. It is a 412-bed acute care facility located in the heart of Fredericksburg. It works hard to maintain the spirit of a community hospital even though the technologies and processes used are comparable to those found in much larger cities.

In September 2009, Mary Washington Hospital received the Magnet award for excellence in nursing from the American Nurses Association. It is one of the highest and most difficult levels of recognition a hospital can achieve, with only 5 percent of the nation’s hospitals achieving Magnet to date.

Stafford Hospital is the second and newest hospital in the Mary Washington Healthcare family. It opened it doors in February 2009, making it the first hospital in Stafford County, Virginia. It currently has 100 inpatient beds, an 84 bed medical/surgical unit, and 6 critical care beds in the ICU, along with a full-service emergency department. Although new, it encompasses the same kind of culture that has set Mary Washington Healthcare apart for over 100 years.

Who is eligible to for program membership?

Anyone meeting the requirements below is eligible to apply for membership to the program:

  • Be currently enrolled at a college or university on either a full or part time basis
  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Be able to commit to two full semesters of volunteer work
  • Be able to commit to specified number of volunteer hours per week (2-4 required)
  • Be able to commit to at least one weekend day per month
  • Be willing to submit to a criminal background check
  • Be willing to submit to a tuberculosis  (TB/PPD) screen
  • Be able to submit evidence of MMR vaccination
  • Be able to purchase a volunteer polo for $15, to be worn while volunteering
  • Have a an interest in healthcare, a desire to help others and make a difference!

Weekly Hour Requirements:

  • Freshman (0-30 credit hours): 2 hours
  • Sophomore (31-60 credit hours): 3 hours
  • Junior (61-90 credit hours): 4 hours
  • Senior (91+ credit hours): 4 hours

How to become a member

The application process serves as a means for selecting the most qualified students for the program. It is complied of  a written application, containing a letter of recommendation, along with an individual interview. Upon submission of the initial written application, it will be reviewed and qualified candidates will be asked to attend an individual interview.  From the individual interview those candidates meeting all of the requirements will then be offered admission to the program and be on their way to volunteering with Mary Washington Healthcare. 

Paper applications can be obtained at Mary Washington Hospital in the Volunteer Services Department or an electronic version can be printed here.  For additional information please contact Karen Ennis, Manager, at 540-741-1440.

Program opportunities

The program offers students a multitude of opportunities. Students have the ability to work in nearly every department in the hospital. They will be able to do a range of jobs, from direct patient care to tasks that do not require direct patient interaction but still are an intricate piece in providing exceptional patient care. The program will allow students an inside look into the workings of a healthcare organization. Upon completion of the program students will have extensive experience they will be able to use in the future when applying for jobs, applying to further education, or internship opportunities.

Below are just some of the jobs students will have  the opportunity to complete during their time as members of the College Student Volunteer Program:

  • Discharging patients
  • Escorting patients
  • Directing patients
  • Interacting with patient families
  • Office/administration duties


Download an application for the College Student Volunteer Program here